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4 Reasons to Schedule Attic Inspections for Nuisance Noises Detection

Published: September 29, 2020

Hearing noises from above? It almost always means a critter is scurrying about! If you have annoying noises and you still cannot decide whether to hire a company to help you then you are in the correct post. Today we will share with you the top reasons to schedule attic inspections for nuisance noises. Do not worry, Grade A Critter is here to guide you.

Attic inspections for nuisance noises

Attics are a favorite new home by many Georgia critters. With warm insulation and shelter from predators, it’s no wonder that they’re naturally drawn to attics. Unfortunately for homeowners, this can be a big headache. That is why we recommend that you look for a professional to help you identify what is causing those annoying noises.

When insulation is torn apart by nesting raccoons, possums, squirrels, etc., heating and cooling problems are quickly realized by massive gaps in the attic insulation. Other big problems include exposed and damage wiring and even completely open holes, allowing anything inside your home.

Do you need help to identify what is making noise in your attic?
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These Are the Top 4 Reasons to Schedule Attic Inspections for Nuisance Noises

Choosing a wildlife management service like Grade A Critter gives you peace of mind that your restoration is complete. We’re equipped to handle the ultra-important cleanup service of your attic to prevent fungi & parasites from thriving and growing from any droppings or nestings the animal may have left behind.

Here are the top reasons to schedule attic inspections for nuisance noises:

  1. Get rid of annoying noises
  2. Keep critters at bay
  3. Identify if there are unwanted guests in your attic
  4. Make sure your attic is clean of animal waste

Restoring a damaged attic from intrusive wildlife requires extra attention to detail that most home contractors just don’t have experience in dealing with. Let’s not waste any more time, pay attention to our guide.

Get Rid of Annoying Noises

Get Rid of Annoying Noises

Do you hear annoying noises in your attic? So maybe it is some animal or insect. If this annoyance is constant, then it is best to call an expert to inspect your attic. We know that this problem is annoying; there are such loud noises that they can prevent you from sleeping peacefully. If you have a problem, then you must act fast.

Nothing should disturb your sleep hours; that is why you should not let time pass. If you have noises, then take your phone and get in touch with our team; we can help you inspect your penthouse and find a quick solution to any animal or insect that is bothering you. We recommend that you consider this process as we know it will help you solve your problem quickly.

Keep Critters at Bay

Keep Critters at Bay

Insects are a serious problem, especially if your ceiling is made of wood. If you have a termite infestation, then you should call an expert to help you eliminate them. You may think this is a silent problem, but terminals attack quickly. If you want to preserve the structure of your attic and ward off any type of pest, then take your phone and contact us.

Many reasons can cause nuisance noises, but the solution is the same: a satisfactory inspection. Do not continue with the unknown; it is time for you to find out what is bothering you at night.

Identify If There Are Unwanted Guests in Your Attic

Identify If There Are Unwanted Guests in Your Attic

If there are any animals in your attic, then you may hear scratching at night and sometimes during the day. The problem is that you surely do not know where they are entering or how many they are. And another even more serious problem is that it is difficult for you to identify what type of animal is on your roof if you have not seen it yet. The solution is easy, look for a penthouse inspection service.

They can be raccoons, rats, bats, or squirrels. They may seem harmless to you, but in addition to being annoying, they can cause you problems. We recommend that you ask for help right away; you need to contact a professional who offers a penthouse inspection service and, at the same time, wildlife control & removal. Do not look any further; Grade A Critter is here to help you.

Make Sure Your Attic Is Clean of Animal Waste

Make Sure Your Attic Is Clean of Animal Waste

Nearly all wildlife commonly carries parasites such as Fleas and Ticks, and diseases like Rabies, Leptospirosis, and Roundworm just to name a few. Even leaving animal scat behind can be dangerous, as this is where many of the bacteria and diseases are found. When an animal leaves, his scent will remain and attract other wildlife. Rodents leave a pheromone scent that will attract other rodents.

If you hear noises in your attic, it’s extremely important that you find the cause before parts of your home are torn to shreds and contaminated, creating a huge problem. It is very important that you inspect your attic in case you have heard any noise. These annoying noises can be caused by animals so you may need professional help to get them out of there.

What kind of wildlife are you dealing with?
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