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Bat Removal & Exclusion from Your Attic

Bat Removal & Exclusion from Your Attic

The methods used for bat removal have nothing in common with the methods normally used for animals such as raccoons, opossums, squirrels, groundhogs, and others.

Let us say at the outset that at Grade A Critter in Alpharetta, we have absolutely nothing against bats. In fact, we appreciate them for the marvels of nature that they are – the only mammals that are capable of flight, destroyers of troublesome insects, and pollinators of plants. It troubles us when we hear news stories about bat populations that are in danger due to destruction of habitat and diseases like white nose syndrome. We want to see bats live and flourish.

That said, though, we understand that even if you share our love for bats, you would probably prefer not to have a bat infestation in your house. Often, though, bats will choose to roost in homes and other buildings because the roost sites that they prefer (caves and large trees with hollow centers) are in short supply, and that means that urban bats can present a problem.

Why are Bats a Problem for Homeowners?

Bats are not destructive, but they do carry diseases, and if you should happen to encounter a sick bat, you could become ill. This is why bat colony exclusion is important for an Alpharetta homeowner. Also, if you have a quantity of bat guano building up in your attic, you could end up on the hook for a very expensive attic restoration.

How are Bats Removed from Alpharetta Homes?

Now that we know more about bats and their important role in nature, more and more homeowners are less inclined to want to see bats killed. In fact, at Grade A Critter, we will not kill bats, for two reasons – first of all, it is simply a bad idea, and second, it is illegal. If you have contacted another wildlife removal service and they have promised to lay out poison to deal with your bat infestation, they are essentially telling you that they are prepared to break the law.

At Grade A Critter, we remove bats from your home safely and humanely, and then relocate them to a more desirable habitat. These valuable creatures do not die on our watch. Once the bats are extracted from your home, our wildlife prevention and exclusion specialists will assess your house and ensure that it is fully sealed so that bats can no longer get inside.

When performed correctly, bat exclusion will achieve two goals: the removal of all bats that are living inside the home and a completely sealed structure that prevents bats from re-entering.

Contact Grade A Critters for Bat Removal in Alpharetta

If you think you might have bats in your attic, give us a call at Grade A Critter. We will take them out of your home safely and humanely and then make sure that your home is well-sealed so that they are not able to return. Call us at 770-713-4552 to learn more, or to book an inspection.

Info about types of bats found in Georgia

Despite their ecological value, bats are relentlessly and unjustifiably persecuted. Bats are often killed because they live near people who needlessly fear them. These actions emphasize the need to educate the public on the rea- sons for bat conservation and why it is important to use safe, nondestructive methods to alleviate conflicts between people and bats. General sources of information on bats include states’ Cooperative Extension Services, universities, government environmental conservation and health departments, and Bat Conservation International (Austin, Texas). Except where control is necessary, bats should be appreciated from a distance — and not disturbed.

Bats in North America are virtually all insectivorous, feeding on a variety of flying insects (exceptions among house bats were noted previously). Many of the insects are harmful to humans. While there must be some limitations based on such factors as bats’ body size, flight capabilities, and jaw opening, insectivorous bats apparently consume a wide range of prey. The little brown bat’s diet includes mayflies, midges, mosquitoes, caddis flies, moths, and beetles. It can consume insects equal to one-third of its body weight in 1/2 hour of foraging. The big brown bat may fill its stomach in about 1 hour (roughly 0.1 ounce per hour [2.7 g/hr]) with prey including beetles, moths, flying ants, true bugs, mayflies, caddis flies, and other insects. The nightly consumption of insects by a colony of bats can be extremely large.

Management and Nuisance Control

A bat that has blundered into the living quarters of a house will usually find its way out by detecting air movement. When no bite or contact with people or pets has occurred, the simplest solution for “removing” the bat is to try to confine it to one room, then open windows and doors leading out- doors and allow it to escape. If the bat is present at night, the lights should be dimmed to allow the animal to find open doors and windows; some light is necessary if an observer is to insure that the bat finds its way out. If bright lights are kept on, the bat may become confused and may seek refuge behind shelving, curtains, hanging pictures, or under furniture.

Healthy bats normally will not attack people even when chased. Chasing a flying bat with a folded newspaper, tennis racket, or stick will cause the bat to take evasive action, and a bat’s flight reversal to avoid a wall is often misinterpreted as an attack. These flailings, often futile, will cause a bat to seek safety wherever possible, making escape more difficult for the bat and more frustrating for the human.

No matter the situation, it’s always best to contact a wildlife professional like us to handle your infestation. Grade A Critter has the experience & equipment necessary to perform humane & safe bat removal and exclusions.

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