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Learn How to Remove Bats by Following Our Guide

Published: March 8, 2021

Next, we are going to share with you a complete guide so you can learn how to remove bats.

How to Remove Bats
How to Remove BatsHow to Remove Bats

Bats are small flying mammals related to rodents. It is common to find them on warm summer nights fluttering through the skies of our cities.

As a general rule, they are animals that are not usually considered dangerous or aggressive. It is considered a beneficial species for humans, since its main source of food is flying insects, such as mosquitoes, flies, moths, etc.

It is natural that not all people like the presence of bats on their properties, and that is why we decided to create this post.

They usually nest in the holes of the terraces and roofs of our homes, but there are some times when they decide to take refuge in the most inopportune places, such as in the screens of the blinds, storage rooms, basements or false ceilings.

In this article, we are going to teach you some tricks to scare away bats.

Follow Our Guide and Learn How to Remove Bats

Is it dangerous or difficult to remove bats?

There are different ways to scare away bats, they are not very complicated to execute. If you follow all the instructions to the letter it will not be difficult or dangerous to achieve it.

Things you need to scare away bats:

  • Experience
  • Locate the points where they are
  • Choose the appropriate time
  • Naphthalene in pellets
  • Water sprayer

Bat droppings contain a variety of skeletons of the insects on which they feed.

When exposed to direct sunlight, they shine distinctively and also have a brittle touch.

Ye must locate the areas where we can find accumulation of said excrement.

You must be especially careful not to inhale their feces, as you can expose yourself to contracting histoplasmosis, a disease that is characterized by having symptoms very similar to those of the common flu, especially in children and the elderly.

Locate Where They Accumulate and Seal the Inputs and Outputs

If you cannot locate these accumulations of excrement, you can try to find them in the areas they prefer to perch.

Locate Where They Accumulate and Seal the Inputs and Outputs

The cracks in the facades, the junctions of the loft walls with the ceiling, the loose tiles and tiles, the chimneys of the roofs, the drawers of the shutters and broken windows without mosquito nets are points of special interest.

Once you have located their location, you must make sure that you carry out a total evacuation, without leaving nests or young in the house.

When you have made sure that you have left everything completely clean, proceed to cover and seal all the places and places through which you think they can enter.

Try putting metal screens or mosquito nets on all the windows in your house, especially on the vents in kitchens and bathrooms.

Use Mothballs to Keep Bats Away from Your Property

Mothballs are a fairly common remedy to scare away bats. The smell of mothballs repels them in such a way that you can prevent them from re-nesting on your land or inside your home.

Use Mothballs to Keep Bats Away from Your Property

You can make small messes with mothballs and place them in the nests, once they have come out to feed, to prevent them from resting in the same place again.

If you combine the use of naphthalene with the sealing of the holes through which they return to your home, you will be able to eradicate its presence within your land.

Spray Water on the Areas Where They Nest

It is not a radical measure, because the only thing you bother them with is soaking them. First of all, you should find the place where they usually rest. You can look at the places where you find droppings to know where to locate them. Watch around columns, on raised bases, on roof eaves as they are especially attractive places for bats.

When you have them located, use a spray with water to scare them, the bats will fly completely disoriented and terrified without suffering any damage.

You have to do it for several days, so that the bats realize that it is not an accidental event, but that you will continue to pester them permanently.

Other Methods to Scare Bats Out of Your Home

The main idea that I want to make clear is that the correct response to this situation is to try to scare them away, we should never cause them the least damage. Bats are a protected species and are vital for the proper functioning of the ecosystem.

Other Methods to Scare Bats Out of Your Home - Bat Removal

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