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Beehive removal & prevention services

Discovering a honey bee infestation on your commercial or residential property can be an intimidating prospect which can quickly turn into a nightmare if not handled correctly.

With few exceptions, the only way to to correctly get rid of bees that have established a colony on your property is to contact a bee removal specialist to expose the honey comb and completely remove the hive.

Our expert professionals are trained in a wide range of services, and we use only the most effective and safest products so as to keep you and your family out of harm’s way. Though we specialize in live bee removal, we can also remove nests and show you steps you can take to prevent bees from coming back. We’ll even repair any damage bees may have done to your home or office.

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Grade a Critter has 17 years of experience in wildlife control services.

But our expertise in wildlife management goes farther than just our years of experience. For us, wildlife removal is down to a science.

We’ve got critter problems covered from A-to-Z. No matter your animal issue, we’re equipped to quickly & humanely handle wildlife removal in your Area.

Get in contact with our crew today, and we’ll get rid of unwanted guests, critters as soon as possible.

What kind of wildlife are you dealing with?
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