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Mole, Vole, and Gopher Removal Services

Mole & voles cause very similar types of damage to your lawn and garden and can be trapped and removed with the same strategy.

Mole, Vole, and Gopher Removal Services

Moles tearing up the lawn and voles gnawing on your plants quickly become irksome pests. These rodents are active all year round, industriously expanding their burrows and damaging your turf. If you identify signs of a gopher, mole or vole invasion there are low impact approaches to remove them with targeted traps and discourage future intrusions.

Given the elusive nature of moles and voles, trapping is a difficult and tedious process better left to professionals. The wildlife specialists at Grade A Critter possess the proper tools, skills, and knowledge to combat mole & vole problems efficiently and humanely.

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Grade a Critter has 17 years of experience in wildlife control services.

But our expertise in wildlife management goes farther than just our years of experience. For us, wildlife removal is down to a science.

We’ve got critter problems covered from A-to-Z. No matter your animal issue, we’re equipped to quickly & humanely handle wildlife removal in your Area.

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What kind of wildlife are you dealing with?
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