Wildlife exclusion & prevention services.

Did you know?

Simple exclusion applications can prevent MAJOR damage by keeping animals out before they wreak havoc?


If your home has been invaded by an unwanted critter, trapping & removal of it is only the first step.

Wildlife Exclusion & Prevention

If wildlife has found its way into your property one time, it’s a near guarantee they will keep coming back. Our job is to stop that. Our prevention & exclusion strategies assure all potential entry points are identified.

Wildlife Exclusion Services

Your home is an investment, and Grade A Critter always keeps this top of our minds. With over 17 years of home repair and restoration experience, we’ve seen it all. In order for wildlife control to ultimately be effective, secure animal exclusion services must be performed. The ultimate goal of any wildlife professional is to get the critters out and keep them out.

This is achieved through effective repairs to keep future wildlife from reentering. Either through existing entry points or previously unseen points of wildlife entry.

If you’re having a critter problem on your property, let us give you a no-obligation inspection to find out exactly how wildlife is entering your home.


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