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Wildlife Removal in Roswell GA

Critters represent an environmental, health & safety issue when they get into your property as uninvited guests.

Wild animals aren’t the ones to blame, they have lost their habitat due to population growth and urbanization.

So, Grade A Critter’s mission is to save as many animals as possible while guaranteeing your home safety as well. Perfect valance!

To solve your critter problems, we offer 24/7, affordable, all-inclusive & humane wildlife removal in Roswell GA.

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Wildlife Removal in Roswell GA: Critter Trapping, Exclusions & Dead Animal Removal

Wildlife in Attics: One of the Favorite Shelters for Critters

Wildlife in Attics: One of the Favorite Shelters for Critters

Many animals love to live in the attic of your house. They like your attic because their habitat has been destroyed.

So, they shelter out in your attic because insulation is the perfect nesting material and the enclosed crawl space provides critters protection from predators.

Critters that love your attic are:

Gray & Flying Squirrels | Raccoons | Rats & mice | Bats | Opossums | Birds | Skunks | Snakes
Wasps | hornets & beehives

Rats and Mice Removal

Now, most of these critters make a mess and can destroy your attic.

These wild animals can chew on electrical wires, wood & other materials of your house. When a squirrel or rat chews on your electrical wires, they could start a fire in your house.

So, the best solution to this critter problem is that you get rodent removal service in Roswell GA.

When rodents and critters choose your attic insulation as nest, they defecate on it and rip it off. Thus, these critters leave your house unprotected against heat.

Nuisance Animal Control: We Start with Critter Trapping

Nuisance Animal Control: We Start with Critter Trapping

Once you suspect that there is a critter in your attic, you should call us. Why? Because some of them can be dangerous, especially if the feel cornered (e.g. raccoons, skunks).

When you get our wildlife removal in Roswell GA, what we do is to inspect your home. Then, we proceed to trapping the critter.

We set our traps in place and we come back the next day. We use safe & effective traps to provide responsible and humane animal removal solutions.

When the wild animal is caught, we proceed to take the critter out of your property as humanly as possible. Then, we relocate it to a more suitable habitat.

Remember that we also provide dead animal removal in all the cities of Fulton County GA.

Damage Repairs & Wildlife Exclusions: Keep Critters Out

Damage Repairs & Wildlife Exclusions: Keep Critters Out

As part of our animal control services, we offer damage repairs and wildlife exclusions.

This is the best way to prevent future problems with nuisance animals.

If wildlife has found its way into your property once, they will probably keep coming back. Our job is to stop that.

At Grade A Critter, we make sure to seal off all entry points by installing screens over attic vents, installing chimney caps, or establishing other barriers to prevent wildlife intrusion.

With our prevention & exclusion strategies, we identify and seal-off all potential entry points.

Top Specialist of Wildlife Removal in Roswell GA. Call Us to Solve Your Wildlife Problems

Top Specialist of Wildlife Removal in Roswell GA.

Grade A Critter always exceeds the standards of professional pest control & wildlife removal in Roswell GA.

But our reach is greater than that. We have more than 17 years of experience removing wild animals from houses and businesses in Fulton County GA.

We’re a licensed & insured wildlife control company, so there are no risks when calling us. We handle wildlife of all sizes and species. And above all, we offer you a fast response time and highly reliable & long term solutions.

You call us, and we’ll trap the animal. We’ll relocate it into a more suitable habitat. And you’ll solve your critter problem once and for all, keeping your home and your loved ones safe.

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