Flying squirrel removal & prevention services.

Did you know?

Flying Squirrels are usually classified as a pest species because they love to live in buildings, they are nocturnal, and they live in colonies of several animals.


The flying squirrel is one of the easiest squirrels to identify and one of the hardest to get rid of. While it is thought that the flying squirrels only exist in exotic locations, they are actually quite common in North America.

Flying Squirrel Removal Services

Flying squirrels, while entertaining and adorable, are capable of considerable amounts of damage to your home and to your yard. In the yard, flying squirrels have been known to strip a tree of all its bark, dig holes in your lawn and terrorize your bird feeders and gardens.

If flying squirrels should get into your home, they can chew on your electrical wires, gnaw on your wood, destroy your insulation and possibly even start a fire in your attic. Not only can flying squirrels cause damage but they pose a biohazard to you, your family and your pets. Flying squirrels often have diseases such as rabies and typhus, and their droppings and urine can cause respiratory problems.

If you think you have an flying squirrel problem you should contact us. Flying squirrels are one of the hardest animals in the south to catch, and many homeowners become frustrated with their inability to catch them.


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