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Grade A Critter is North Atlanta’s premier provider of
wildlife management services.

How can we help you?
I hear noises in my attic.

It almost always means a critter has gotten inside your home. Let us give you an attic inspection to find the culprit.

I need an animal
removed or trapped.

Let our experts humanely and quickly handle your wildlife problem. We specialize in all types of Georgia wildlife.

I want to "critter-proof"
my home.

Keep wildlife out with our precise exclusion & prevention methods for your property.

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Kick Critters Out. Keep Critters Out.

Trust our 17 years of experience in wildlife management & home repair.

Give us a call right now for a free over-the-phone consultation or to schedule a home inspection.


At Grade A Critter, our expertise in wildlife management goes farther than just our years of experience, for us, it’s down to a science.

We’ve got wildlife covered from A-to-Z. No matter your animal issue, we’re equipped to handle it quickly & humanely.

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5 star review
Angela Jockers
Great customer service and competence. He went above and beyond. We hired him to remove a hornet’s nest. He also found some spiders and bees and helped with those issues free of additional charge. Asa was a pleasant person and prompt. I recommend this company!

5 star review
Elizabeth I.
I give Grade a Critter 5 stars. I had a HONEY BEE problem like 1000’s of them. I didn’t want to kill them since there’s such a shortage. I call the Bee Honey Farm and they recommend Grade a Critter. Asa was my beekeeper and did an awesome job. He arrived on time and was very professional, and not to mention patience. We have several kids in the neighborhood who are home school so this was a big thing for them to see and ask questions. I wish I could post a picture of him vacuum the bees Great experience.

5 star review
Emily Armistead
Asa was amazing! He is so nice, obviously very experienced and a pro at what he does. He was quick to respond to my initial call. He then not only told me what needed to be done to prevent another snake from getting into the house, but showed me where/what he would be doing. I HIGHLY recommend Asa and his company!

Learn more about how we solve common wildlife issues.

Attic Inspections

Hear scuttering coming from above? Let us give you a free, no-obligation attic inspection.

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Wildlife Trapping

Our methods of trapping unwanted wildlife are humane while still being quick & effective.

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Snake Survey & Removal

Has your yard turned into a hiding place for snakes? Let our snake survey & removal service solve your problems.

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Mole / Vole Removal

Moles and voles can make quick work of your yard. We’re pros at removing them and deterring them from returning.

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Dead Animal Removal

In the unfortunate event of a dead animal on your property, let our team handle it with proper sanitation & removal.

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Woodpecker Prevention

Deter woodpeckers from roosting & pecking your home with our preventative services.

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