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Wildlife Removal in Alpharetta GA: Relocating Those Pesky Guests

Wildlife Removal in Alpharetta GA

Grade A Critter is your most reliable company when it comes to affordable, safe, humane & effective wildlife removal in Alpharetta GA.

We’ll come to your house. We’ll set our effective traps, or if the animal is in sight and we can catch it, we will. Then, we take them out of your property and relocate all those unwanted, pesky, and dangerous critters.

By trusting us, you’ll make your house safe again, and you’ll enjoy it to the fullest. Without worrying about wildlife hazards that can compromise the safety of your children, pets, and loved ones.

All you have to do is call us or send us an email to provide a complete & permanent solution for your critter problem.

Alpharetta’s Wildlife Control Specialist

Top 5 Critters We Relocate with Our Wildlife Removal in Alpharetta GA

Below we’ll mention the most common wild animals that can invade your house. And Grade A Critter specializes in trapping, removing & relocating them into a more suitable habitat. Take a look.

Opossums: Not Aggressive But Messy!

Opossums: Not Aggressive But Messy!

Opossums can be found at night going through your trash cans; but, they can also steal the food of your pets.

They are not aggressive animals. But if they get inside your attic, they can certainly cause a mess. Opossums can destroy your insulation and your attic structure. By getting our wildlife removal in Alpharetta GA, you can trap them without hurting them.

Raccoons: Highly Aggressive

Raccoons: Highly Aggressive

These critters can invade your attic and chimney. They are genuinely messy and can be dangerous when cornered.

Raccoons are agile climbers and truly are difficult to catch.

No matter the place they frequent in your home or yard, we can place a trap in the right place and in the right way. After that, we catch them, take them out of your house or yard, and we relocate them in the most suitable habitat.

Gophers: Dig and Destroy Is Their Motto

Make Sure Your Attic Is Clean of Animal Waste

These animals mean a hell of trouble for your lawn. They are burrowing rodents, and of course, difficult to catch.

Our critter control specialists will make sure to take them out of your lawn before they cause considerable damage to it.

Grade A Critter offers you cost-effective, prompt & safe wildlife removal in Alpharetta GA. Thus, in case you are having some critter problems in your life, you only need to call us. We’ll leave your house free of wild animals.

Squirrels: The Chewing Trouble!

Squirrels: The Chewing Trouble!

Squirrels are very common rodents in Georgia. They are very invasive wild animals. When they get inside your attic, they start chewing on wood, electric wires, insulation, and on pretty much anything.

They are very agile, so the best way to catch them without hurting them is to place a trap. We put attractive baits, and we’ll be all set.

Then, when the squirrel is caught, we relocate the little critter in another habitat without problem.

Rats: Disgusting

Rats: Disgusting

When we talk about rats and mice, the most efficient way of rodent control is to kill them. They are a species that is disgusting and can transmit many diseases to your loved ones like Leptospirosis and Salmonellosis. Some of the most common traps we use for rodent removal are snap traps, glue traps, and box traps.

Our Wildlife Removal in Alpharetta GA Relocates:

Bats | Birds | Snakes | Moles & voles | Armadillos | Chipmunks | Wasps & hornets | Beehives | Skunks | Beavers | Coyotes | Foxes

Grade A Critter Provides Humane & Professional Wildlife Removal. Call Us. 24/7

Grade A Critter Provides Humane & Professional Wildlife Removal. Call Us. 24/7

We specialize in the humane trapping and removal of nuisance wildlife from both residential and commercial properties. Our service goes further than trapping and removing animals. Our goal is to provide a complete and permanent solution for your critter problem.

When you have unwanted rodents, mammals, reptiles, or birds invading your house, call Alpharetta’s wildlife control specialist—Grade A Critter.

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