17 years experience of repairing damaged homes.

Did you know?

Damages by raccoons & bats can be extremely dangerous to the air quality of your home?


Even after invading critters are removed, there may be damage to your home and property: roofing and chimney problems, structural damage, siding, and more.

Attic Restoration

Attics are a favorite new home by many Georgia critters. With warm insulation and shelter from predators, it’s no wonder that they’re naturally drawn to attics. Unfortunately for homeowners, this can be a big headache.

When insulation is torn apart by nesting raccoons, possums, squirrels, etc., heating and cooling problems are quickly realized by massive gaps in the attic insulation. Other big problems include exposed and damage wiring and even completely open holes, allowing anything inside your home.

Grade A Critter offers attic restoration that’s professional, backed by our 17 years of experience, and affordable.

Restoring a damaged attic from intrusive wildlife requires extra attention to detail that most home contractors just don’t have experience in dealing with. Choosing a wildlife management service like Grade A Critter gives you peace of mind that your restoration is complete. We’re equipped to handle the ultra-important clean up service of your attic to prevent fungi & parasites from thriving and growing from any droppings or nestings the animal may have left behind.

Crawlspace & Vapor Barrier Restoration

By nature, nocturnal animals are drawn to dark, cool places. Residential crawlspaces offer the perfect habitat for these animals. Once inside, the animals find useful resources such as floor insulation, vapor barrier, and HVAC lines, that when ripped, provide heat or cool air.

We specialize in restoring crawlspaces back to like-new. We understand how wildlife works, and the importance of proper clean-up. Our technicians are highly skilled in vapor barrier removal and installation, floor insulation services and sanitization and deodorization services. We also remove dead animals from underneath homes and buildings.


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